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The Learn English Funcast is back baby! We got some words of motivation, some new vocabulary, and some hilarious new jokes. 

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We are finally back. Today's learn English funcast episode talks about paid compliment, work emails, and a mysterious kitchen utensil. To get the text from the podcast go to www.englishfuncast.com

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Learn English today through some funny jokes. In today's episode we teach some cool idioms, info about the Australian outback, and a funny grocery list. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to read the joke text along with the podcast.

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In today's episode we learn English from a a man who gives an alcoholic some expert advice. We also learn what you should never forget to take with you into solitary confinement. Finally we learn what death or booka means. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com where you can read the jokes while listening to the podcast.

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The Learn English Funcast got an exciting podcast for you today. We talk about the feud between Luke, and Darth Vader. We also find out why a plumber gets reall angry. Finally we find out what happends to a girls favorite chicken. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to follow the text from the jokes read in this podcast.

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Today we learn Englih with the help of a drunk test, an admiral and a pirate, and also a chameleon in class. Don't forget to check out www.englishfuncast.com to get full text of this podcast.

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Learn English Funcast got another exciting English learning podcast for you. Today you will learn about moths, coffin makers, and an excellent diet. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to get the text for todays jokes.

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Today's Learn English Funcast episode is filled with animal jokes. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to check out the text to the jokes in this podcast.

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Learn English Funcast #138 is filled with some funny jokes about three guys and a shipwreck. It also talks about test that will give you free beer for life if you pass, and counterfeit bills at the grocery store. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com for my free eBook and text version of all the jokes.

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Today's awsome podcast you will learn and improve your English with these funny jokes about a dinner guest, three guys on an island, and mountain lions in times square. Don't forget to check out the website for the text version of the jokes. go to www.englishfuncast.com

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