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In Today's episode we learn what happens when old men are bored and decide to streak. We also learn how to get girls to stop leaving lipstick marks on washroom mirrors. For more fun ways to learn English go to www.englishfuncast.com and get my free eBook.

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Today we discuss the difference between bungie and budgie jumping. We also talk about how important spelling is. One letter off can really ruin your life. For more lessons go to www.englishfuncast.com and subscribe to our email list.

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In today's episode we discuss different names we can call cruise control and a story about a funny mechanic.

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Today we talk about why flights are so expensive in Canada, we also discuss what it is like to stay at an upscale hotel. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com for all your English learning needs.

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Today we discuss what kind of animals a woman needs in her life. Why some people have dreams of owning a cattle ranch, and differences names we give our cats. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com for more English learning fun!

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In today's fun episode we learn about monkey's , disposable pets, and the truth about sheep. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to get my free eBook.

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In today's episode we watch learn that blind people have an excellent sense of smell. We talk about bad pandas and why comes blondes are really really bad at hiding. For more fun English learning go to www.englishfuncast.com

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That's right we're back!!! Today we talk about weird emergency calls, custom officers, and a why some dude has a melted ear. Go to www.englishfuncast.com for more and don't forget to rate us on iTunes.

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Today we learn the meaning of having a peace of mind. We also discuss what are guilt trips, and kids with their computers. Don't forget to get our free eBook at www.englishfuncast.com

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In Today's episode Ron talks about how to suprise the wife in traffic. We discuss what changes some people make in their lives, and what it means to go under at the dentist. Don't forget to our free eBook at www.englishfuncast.com

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