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In Today's episode we talk about a do it yourself furniture, we also discuss a stupid mistake by a stupid CEO, and a man who has a hotdog collection. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com and sign up to our email list.

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In Today's episode we talk about a hypochondriac, tending to an elephant at a zoo. What one woman thoughts on modern art are. We finnish off by understanding the meaning of come again.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about marriage problems, what is a zipcode, and postal code.

We also discuss artificial insemination.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about the meaning of taking a hike. We also learn why going hang gliding could be very dangerous, and a really cheap widow who wrote a very short obituary.

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In today's episode Ron talks about why road signs are really important. We discuss a manager who is called an idiot and why buying a diamond ring for your girl isn't really the smartest idea.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about why sucking your thumb can make you fat. We also talk about what to do with all your money when your going to die from a terminal illness. We end off the episode talking about why you shouldn't take sleeping pills the night before work.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about a man who installs carpets. A late night phone call, and what its like to be a really really slow turtle.

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In Today's Episode Ron talks about the difference between seconds and sex. We also talk about how much it would suck to get your fingers cut off. We end off the episode talking about how you can describe one object but think of another.

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Today we have an awesome guest. Andrew from www.china232.com joins us. He talks about his awesome English learning podcast that he and his brother host. We also discuss some of the worst children's book titles.

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Today Ron reads us a couple stories about dumb criminals. We also read and explain some stupid label descriptions from around the world.

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