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Today Ron reads us a couple stories about dumb criminals. We also read and explain some stupid label descriptions from around the world.

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In Today's podcast we discuss how famous people prove that they are who they say they are. What would happen if you were shipwrecked with a supermodel, and why Mike Tyson is so sad.

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In today's podcast we discuss the most famous quotes by the greatest martial artist of all time. Chuck Norris!!!

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Today Ron talks about someone who has been living with Satan's sister. We also have a joke about memory loss with age.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about H2O. Fast Japanese cars and Indian taxi's. A gift for a wife that goes from 0-200 in 6 seconds flat. The difference between vacancy and vacuum. We end off talking about a blonde taking a shower forever and why.

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In today's episode Ron talks about the meaning ology. We also have a hard time reading a joke about boys with strange names. We discuss different kinds of ring and how elections work in different countries.

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Today Ron talks about why you should never say "don't has". We also talk about why a man who owns a Ferrari is sad and crying. Blondes who go to Disney Land, and a wife you talks way too much on the phone.

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In today's episode Ron discusses the launch of English Funcast University. We also have some funny blonde and engineering jokes for you.

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In Today's Episode Ron tells a few funny computer jokes, and we once again share some amazing jokes about blondes.

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Today we discuss why you should always use all the hotel amenities. We learn what the meaning of something fishy is. We end the episode giving reasons why mens lives are so easy compared to women.

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