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In today's episode Ron talks about working from 9 to 5 and leaving work early. We also talk about breakfast slang for truckers, and the meaning of double double. We also talk about signs that let you know if you are too drunk.

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Ron is back in Today's episode talking about a blonde moritcian, questions that you shouldn't ask people who you have just

met, also the double meaning of characters, and captial.

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Ron's evil brother Bob hosts todays episode with his evil jokes about a 12 inch pianist, a deaf accountant, and a drunk man wanting a push in the middle of the night.

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Today Ron talks about a new machine at Wal-Mart that checks whats wrong with you through urine samples. Ron also tell a very funny joke about a speeding granny.

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Today Ron talks about a barber that gives haircuts for community service. We hear an award winning toast, and a drunk man who has to crawl home from the pub.

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Today Ron talks about a phone call out of the blue, some really dumb lawyer questions, and the answer to the question

will toilet paper make your breats grow larger?

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Today Ron talks about a couple take seeks marriage advice, and a doctor that has bad and worse news for one of his patients.

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Today Ron gives you a life changing tip about a website that will change your life. You will also learn about what kind of signs a psychotherapist wouldn't want to use for their business. We finish off with some jokes about idiots
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Today Ron talks about why an airplane had vibrations in the sky, why blondes shouldn't fly helicopters, and why you shouldn't hang people up to dry.

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Today Ron talks about his recent skydiving adventure, a joke about running over lawyers, and some sentences with oxymorons.

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