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In today's episode Ron talks about a man that had his wife stolen by a police officer.

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In this episode Ron talks about difference of words between Americans and British people.

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In this episode Ron teaches you how to travel by train with your friends at a huge discount.

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Today is our 10th podcast. Ron talks about getting a warranty and stains that dogs leave on the carpet.

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In this episode Ron talks about a baby in a womans belly, and a man who eats some digusting peanuts.

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In todays episode Ron talks about bus rides with ugly babys and a prince who can only say two words a year.

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Today Ron discusses a joke where four business men wait for their wives to give birth.

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In this episode Ron tell tells a joke about a broken elevator and climbing up 600 stories in a hotel.

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Today we have a joke about a man who's wife won't talk to him for 30 days

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In This episode Ron tells two blonde jokes, and discusses if all blondes really are air heads.

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