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Today we discuss why you should always use all the hotel amenities. We learn what the meaning of something fishy is. We end the episode giving reasons why mens lives are so easy compared to women.

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Today Ron talks about three blondes applying for a job as a Texas highway patrol. What it means to cool your heels, and the meaning of a double negative.

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Today Ron talks about a woman who wants to join her dead husband. A man in a restaurant who orders something called woop, and how a man lost his wife playing poker.

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In Today's podcast Ron talks about a man who thinks he is the man of the house. We also learn what to say in English even though you might not understand what is being told to you. We have three boys share stories about how their dads smoke.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about women and their expensive perfumes. We also talk about why you shouldn't drink and drive. Finally we have a few good jokes about some incredible salesmen.

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In today's episode Ron talks about the worlds smartest dog, a man on vacation that sends an e-mail to the wrong person. We also discuss a man who puts an ad in the paper searching for his lost dog.

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Today Ron talks about a peeking peking duck, how newlyweds can pretend to be not newlywed, and a special pen that can write in outerspace.

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Today Ron makes his return to the English Funcast podcast after spending some time in New York. We discus an old lady reflecting on her porch, a race dog named Marylou, and a smart drunk that actually said something smart.

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Today Ron talks about different scientists making discoveries in their cities. We learn a good analogy about a beaver, and we finish off with women who had amazing plastic surgery done that you will never guess who wasn't able to guess who she was.

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Today Ron talks about why you should never tease a gorilla or a man for that matter. We also talk about how having a mouthful of tea will help women stop fights with their husband. We also discuss the different flavors and colors of lifesavers.

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