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Today Ron talks about his new years resolutions, tips for improving English for the New Years, and a few jokes about

the end of the year.

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Today Ron tells us a few xmas riddles, some santa jokes, and 15 ways to confuse santa on xmas.

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Today Ron shares a beautiful poem with us. We discuss how to get discounts from a dentist. A hydra walks into a bar, and wife this an can't see his wife for a few days.

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Today Ron talks about a clothing sale that is too good to be true. We learn how to speak blonde to a woman on a flight to Athens, and we learn how to speak to woman without getting into trouble.

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In today's episode evil Bob has escaped from the basement and has locked our usual host Ron in a cage in the basement. Bob talks about a wanted ad in the paper, how people are born, and why not to drive angry.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about a woman delivering a baby, the difference in pronounciating porch and porche, and why some milk is called spoiled milk.

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Today Ron talks about a blonde who has car trouble. A man who has no balls to scratch, and finding snails on the beach for a dinner party.

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Todays our podcast returns with our own intro song. We talk about walking on water, an alcohol that gives you the cleanest alcohol ever along with a strange side effect, and a story about booze and worms.

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Today Ron talks about how two old woman smoke cigarettes in the rain. How to sleep in a room at night with a snoring soldier. We end off the podcast on what it feels like to be a women.

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Today Ron talks about how video games help you learn English. We share a story about a pig with a three medals and a wooden leg. A competition of luxury between a mini and a rolls royce. Finally we talk about what it is to really feel like a woman.

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Today Ron talks about a forty year old secret that Bill Clinton has kept from his wife. We also talk about why a husband tells his wife to be careful when cooking breakfast. We end todays episode with a story about a man who got drafted into the army.

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Today Ron talks about a tree make of bacon. We also hear a wonderful story about saving bush, and an exciting story about a period.

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Today is our 50th episode. We celebrate  it with the best opening theme song of all time, and some really funny jokes.

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Today Ron speaks a woman with a terminal sickness. Top games for old people. Reasons why dogs are better than women, a friend who died by accident.

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We got a lengthy episode for you guys today about being a bear, IRS issues, you know your old when, and being Amish. The show is also interrupted by a bell ringing at the end.

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Today Ron talks about the meaning of a T-bone. More stories about things not to say in order to not start a fight. We also discuss the story of a family of three balloons.

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Today Ron talks about a deal between father and son in regards to being able to drive the car. We also discuss things that you should not say to your girlfriend of wife incase you want to start a fight between the both of you.

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Today Ron talks about a secret that no woman should keep from a man. We also talk about an old man who finds a talking from, and the differences between being involved and commitment.

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Today Ron talks about a grandpa and how he keeps calm in the grocery store. We also talk about a really cool

million dollar question.

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Today Ron talks about the differences between men and women

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In today's episode Ron talks about working from 9 to 5 and leaving work early. We also talk about breakfast slang for truckers, and the meaning of double double. We also talk about signs that let you know if you are too drunk.

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Ron is back in Today's episode talking about a blonde moritcian, questions that you shouldn't ask people who you have just

met, also the double meaning of characters, and captial.

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Ron's evil brother Bob hosts todays episode with his evil jokes about a 12 inch pianist, a deaf accountant, and a drunk man wanting a push in the middle of the night.

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Today Ron talks about a new machine at Wal-Mart that checks whats wrong with you through urine samples. Ron also tell a very funny joke about a speeding granny.

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Today Ron talks about a barber that gives haircuts for community service. We hear an award winning toast, and a drunk man who has to crawl home from the pub.

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Today Ron talks about a phone call out of the blue, some really dumb lawyer questions, and the answer to the question

will toilet paper make your breats grow larger?

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Today Ron talks about a couple take seeks marriage advice, and a doctor that has bad and worse news for one of his patients.

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Today Ron gives you a life changing tip about a website that will change your life. You will also learn about what kind of signs a psychotherapist wouldn't want to use for their business. We finish off with some jokes about idiots
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Today Ron talks about why an airplane had vibrations in the sky, why blondes shouldn't fly helicopters, and why you shouldn't hang people up to dry.

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Today Ron talks about his recent skydiving adventure, a joke about running over lawyers, and some sentences with oxymorons.

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In this episode Ron shows you an amazing secret how your brain will start understanding English from words and sentences that don't make any sense.

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Today Ron talks about a drunk man at a biker bar. A cashier and a little person. A taxi ride that scared the daylights out of the driver.

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Today Ron explains the difference between slowing down and a complete stop, we also have a blind man walking

into a bar with five blonds. We finish off the podcast with an understanding of family and its comparison to politics.

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Today Ron talks about a man who had a bulge in his pants, a priest who is extremely honest.

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Today Ron talks about a man whos nagging wife died, a husband that farts too much in the morning, and how a man can get a trophy wife.

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Today Ron explains why you should not talk on the phone while ironing, why sleeping with a peacock is a bad idea, and

who really is the head of the household.

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Today on learn English Funcast Ron speaks about a talking dog, double meaning in the word change, and some

funeral jokes.

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Today I speak with my buddy Joe. We discuss what is important when moving to an apartment. We also get into a serious debate on whether aliens are real or not.

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Today we Ron gives us a few words of wisdom, along with good and bad ways to say whats next. We also talk about the importance of listening to one another in marriage.

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In Today`s episode Ron talks about having a really really long name. We also talk about cockroaches

and rats in an apartment, and a parrot that tells jokes.

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In todays Episode Ron explains good and bad petnames for your girlfriend, and shares a story on how

Justin Bieber saved his life.

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Today Ron talks about a blond who is amazing at counting sheep. A blonde who is smarter than a lawyer,

and quotes about getting old. He also forgot to turn off his cell and you get a bonus of two text message beeps

during the podcast.

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Today Ron talks about a smart rich man, a pissed off confused driver, and a son that gets revenge on his dad.

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Today Ron tells a joke about a man that met a woman who says he is the father of her child and a blonde who needs help with a killer jigsaw puzzle.

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Today we learn what is a Simile and Ron reads a few Men are like jokes.

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In Today's Episode Ron talks about a boys experience getting circumsized. We also discuss famous one line jokes

about being married.

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In today's episode Ron discusses a drinking custom between three brothers, and a suprise email that was sent to a recent widow.

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Today your host Ron talks about different feeling such as strees, tension, and panic. We also make jokes about old age.

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Today Ron tells a few of his favorite bar jokes.

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In This episode Ron talks abit about himself and what this podcast is about

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In today's episode Ron talks about a man that had his wife stolen by a police officer.

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In this episode Ron talks about difference of words between Americans and British people.

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In this episode Ron teaches you how to travel by train with your friends at a huge discount.

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Today is our 10th podcast. Ron talks about getting a warranty and stains that dogs leave on the carpet.

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In this episode Ron talks about a baby in a womans belly, and a man who eats some digusting peanuts.

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In todays episode Ron talks about bus rides with ugly babys and a prince who can only say two words a year.

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Today Ron discusses a joke where four business men wait for their wives to give birth.

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In this episode Ron tell tells a joke about a broken elevator and climbing up 600 stories in a hotel.

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Today we have a joke about a man who's wife won't talk to him for 30 days

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In This episode Ron tells two blonde jokes, and discusses if all blondes really are air heads.

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In this episode Ron tells a joke about a man and a genie.

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In this episode Ron tells a joke about a man who drives around town with penguins.

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In This episode you will meet the Host Ron and discuss the meanings of three different jokes. 

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