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Today Ron talks about a couple take seeks marriage advice, and a doctor that has bad and worse news for one of his patients.

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Today Ron gives you a life changing tip about a website that will change your life. You will also learn about what kind of signs a psychotherapist wouldn't want to use for their business. We finish off with some jokes about idiots
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Today Ron talks about why an airplane had vibrations in the sky, why blondes shouldn't fly helicopters, and why you shouldn't hang people up to dry.

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Today Ron talks about his recent skydiving adventure, a joke about running over lawyers, and some sentences with oxymorons.

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In this episode Ron shows you an amazing secret how your brain will start understanding English from words and sentences that don't make any sense.

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Today Ron talks about a drunk man at a biker bar. A cashier and a little person. A taxi ride that scared the daylights out of the driver.

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Today Ron explains the difference between slowing down and a complete stop, we also have a blind man walking

into a bar with five blonds. We finish off the podcast with an understanding of family and its comparison to politics.

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Today Ron talks about a man who had a bulge in his pants, a priest who is extremely honest.

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Today Ron talks about a man whos nagging wife died, a husband that farts too much in the morning, and how a man can get a trophy wife.

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Today Ron explains why you should not talk on the phone while ironing, why sleeping with a peacock is a bad idea, and

who really is the head of the household.

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Today on learn English Funcast Ron speaks about a talking dog, double meaning in the word change, and some

funeral jokes.

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Today I speak with my buddy Joe. We discuss what is important when moving to an apartment. We also get into a serious debate on whether aliens are real or not.

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Today we Ron gives us a few words of wisdom, along with good and bad ways to say whats next. We also talk about the importance of listening to one another in marriage.

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