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Todays our podcast returns with our own intro song. We talk about walking on water, an alcohol that gives you the cleanest alcohol ever along with a strange side effect, and a story about booze and worms.

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Today Ron talks about how two old woman smoke cigarettes in the rain. How to sleep in a room at night with a snoring soldier. We end off the podcast on what it feels like to be a women.

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Today Ron talks about how video games help you learn English. We share a story about a pig with a three medals and a wooden leg. A competition of luxury between a mini and a rolls royce. Finally we talk about what it is to really feel like a woman.

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Today Ron talks about a forty year old secret that Bill Clinton has kept from his wife. We also talk about why a husband tells his wife to be careful when cooking breakfast. We end todays episode with a story about a man who got drafted into the army.

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Today Ron talks about a tree make of bacon. We also hear a wonderful story about saving bush, and an exciting story about a period.

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Today is our 50th episode. We celebrate  it with the best opening theme song of all time, and some really funny jokes.

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Today Ron speaks a woman with a terminal sickness. Top games for old people. Reasons why dogs are better than women, a friend who died by accident.

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We got a lengthy episode for you guys today about being a bear, IRS issues, you know your old when, and being Amish. The show is also interrupted by a bell ringing at the end.

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Today Ron talks about the meaning of a T-bone. More stories about things not to say in order to not start a fight. We also discuss the story of a family of three balloons.

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Today Ron talks about a deal between father and son in regards to being able to drive the car. We also discuss things that you should not say to your girlfriend of wife incase you want to start a fight between the both of you.

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