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Today we talk with Lindsay and Gabby from the All Ears English Podcast. They are one of my favorite new English learning podcasts on iTunes. I get to try English pick up lines on them and see which ones would or wouldn't work. Don't forget to check out their website and podcast at http://www.allearsenglish.com/

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In today's episode we talk about getting in trouble with the police. A man who has a wife that can't cook, and a broken

cuckoo clock. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com for more English fun.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about why getting married sometimes causes more problems than solutions. We talk about a lawyer who moves back to his small town, and blondes talking a skydiving trip. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com and join our email newsletter for more English lessons and fun.

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In today's episode Ron talks about how to get your wife on her hands and knees. We also discuss a man who got bitten in the ass by a snake. We end off by thinking about what would you take with you in jail for the next 20 years.

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In Today's exciting podcast we talk about how to talk to blondes on an airplane. We also discuss people who take hot air balloons. Go to www.englishfuncast.com for our free  ebook "How your brain learns English"

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In Today's episode Ron talks about playing an electric guitar in a hot tub. We also talk about really fast cars, and what is a ring bear exactly. This episode is brought to you by www.englishfuncast.com

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In this episode Ron talks about a taxi driver that cheats his passengers, we also discuss how to get revenge on your ex girlfriend, and why it is important to always collect small fruit.

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Wow we did it. This is our 100th episode podcast special. Today we tell some of our favorite blonde jokes. We learn what it means to be one in a million. You will also learn what does "your side of the family mean?" Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com and sign up for our free e-mail joke lessons.

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In Today's Episode we talk about why you shouldn't upset your wife. We learn why you shouldn't tell English learners to sleep with their wives. We also learn the true meaning of getting a second opinion. Go to www.englishfuncast.com for more podcasts and lessons.

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In todays podcast Ron talks about how he looks tough as a teacher. We also talk about why you should always tell the police you feel fine, and a car with a really really long extension cord.

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Today we discuss the 12 step program to recovery if you are an internet addict. We also find out what is wrong with driving to work.

Get our free book "Howyour brain learns English" at www.englishfuncast.com

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Today Ron talks about a judge getting fined for speeding. We learn what it means to be a collections specialist, and why you should drop a twenty dollar bill down an outhouse hole. Don't forget to signup to our email list at www.englishfuncast.com

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In Today's episode we talk about a do it yourself furniture, we also discuss a stupid mistake by a stupid CEO, and a man who has a hotdog collection. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com and sign up to our email list.

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In Today's episode we talk about a hypochondriac, tending to an elephant at a zoo. What one woman thoughts on modern art are. We finnish off by understanding the meaning of come again.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about marriage problems, what is a zipcode, and postal code.

We also discuss artificial insemination.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about the meaning of taking a hike. We also learn why going hang gliding could be very dangerous, and a really cheap widow who wrote a very short obituary.

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In today's episode Ron talks about why road signs are really important. We discuss a manager who is called an idiot and why buying a diamond ring for your girl isn't really the smartest idea.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about why sucking your thumb can make you fat. We also talk about what to do with all your money when your going to die from a terminal illness. We end off the episode talking about why you shouldn't take sleeping pills the night before work.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about a man who installs carpets. A late night phone call, and what its like to be a really really slow turtle.

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In Today's Episode Ron talks about the difference between seconds and sex. We also talk about how much it would suck to get your fingers cut off. We end off the episode talking about how you can describe one object but think of another.

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Today we have an awesome guest. Andrew from www.china232.com joins us. He talks about his awesome English learning podcast that he and his brother host. We also discuss some of the worst children's book titles.

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Today Ron reads us a couple stories about dumb criminals. We also read and explain some stupid label descriptions from around the world.

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In Today's podcast we discuss how famous people prove that they are who they say they are. What would happen if you were shipwrecked with a supermodel, and why Mike Tyson is so sad.

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In today's podcast we discuss the most famous quotes by the greatest martial artist of all time. Chuck Norris!!!

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Today Ron talks about someone who has been living with Satan's sister. We also have a joke about memory loss with age.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about H2O. Fast Japanese cars and Indian taxi's. A gift for a wife that goes from 0-200 in 6 seconds flat. The difference between vacancy and vacuum. We end off talking about a blonde taking a shower forever and why.

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In today's episode Ron talks about the meaning ology. We also have a hard time reading a joke about boys with strange names. We discuss different kinds of ring and how elections work in different countries.

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Today Ron talks about why you should never say "don't has". We also talk about why a man who owns a Ferrari is sad and crying. Blondes who go to Disney Land, and a wife you talks way too much on the phone.

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In today's episode Ron discusses the launch of English Funcast University. We also have some funny blonde and engineering jokes for you.

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In Today's Episode Ron tells a few funny computer jokes, and we once again share some amazing jokes about blondes.

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Today we discuss why you should always use all the hotel amenities. We learn what the meaning of something fishy is. We end the episode giving reasons why mens lives are so easy compared to women.

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Today Ron talks about three blondes applying for a job as a Texas highway patrol. What it means to cool your heels, and the meaning of a double negative.

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Today Ron talks about a woman who wants to join her dead husband. A man in a restaurant who orders something called woop, and how a man lost his wife playing poker.

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In Today's podcast Ron talks about a man who thinks he is the man of the house. We also learn what to say in English even though you might not understand what is being told to you. We have three boys share stories about how their dads smoke.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about women and their expensive perfumes. We also talk about why you shouldn't drink and drive. Finally we have a few good jokes about some incredible salesmen.

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In today's episode Ron talks about the worlds smartest dog, a man on vacation that sends an e-mail to the wrong person. We also discuss a man who puts an ad in the paper searching for his lost dog.

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Today Ron talks about a peeking peking duck, how newlyweds can pretend to be not newlywed, and a special pen that can write in outerspace.

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Today Ron makes his return to the English Funcast podcast after spending some time in New York. We discus an old lady reflecting on her porch, a race dog named Marylou, and a smart drunk that actually said something smart.

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Today Ron talks about different scientists making discoveries in their cities. We learn a good analogy about a beaver, and we finish off with women who had amazing plastic surgery done that you will never guess who wasn't able to guess who she was.

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Today Ron talks about why you should never tease a gorilla or a man for that matter. We also talk about how having a mouthful of tea will help women stop fights with their husband. We also discuss the different flavors and colors of lifesavers.

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Today Ron explains the different types of underwear. We tell a story about an old couple and a helicopter ride, and finish off talking about a blonde who is expecting twins.

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Today Ron talks about what how men and women take a shower step by step.

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Today Ron talks about blondes riding a double decker bus. Three dogs and their misbehaviour, and a cat that always finds its way home.

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Today Ron talks about how a bartenders advice is sometimes better than an expensive shrink. We also discuss a magic mirror, and

what the moral of some childrens stories are.

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Today Ron talks about a wifes birthday wish. We learn two important qualities of a doctor, and why I don't like the looks of this.

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