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Today Ron talks about different scientists making discoveries in their cities. We learn a good analogy about a beaver, and we finish off with women who had amazing plastic surgery done that you will never guess who wasn't able to guess who she was.

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Today Ron talks about why you should never tease a gorilla or a man for that matter. We also talk about how having a mouthful of tea will help women stop fights with their husband. We also discuss the different flavors and colors of lifesavers.

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Today Ron explains the different types of underwear. We tell a story about an old couple and a helicopter ride, and finish off talking about a blonde who is expecting twins.

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Today Ron talks about what how men and women take a shower step by step.

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Today Ron talks about blondes riding a double decker bus. Three dogs and their misbehaviour, and a cat that always finds its way home.

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Today Ron talks about how a bartenders advice is sometimes better than an expensive shrink. We also discuss a magic mirror, and

what the moral of some childrens stories are.

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Today Ron talks about a wifes birthday wish. We learn two important qualities of a doctor, and why I don't like the looks of this.

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