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In today's episode Ron talks about the meaning ology. We also have a hard time reading a joke about boys with strange names. We discuss different kinds of ring and how elections work in different countries.

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Today Ron talks about why you should never say "don't has". We also talk about why a man who owns a Ferrari is sad and crying. Blondes who go to Disney Land, and a wife you talks way too much on the phone.

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In today's episode Ron discusses the launch of English Funcast University. We also have some funny blonde and engineering jokes for you.

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In Today's Episode Ron tells a few funny computer jokes, and we once again share some amazing jokes about blondes.

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Today we discuss why you should always use all the hotel amenities. We learn what the meaning of something fishy is. We end the episode giving reasons why mens lives are so easy compared to women.

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Today Ron talks about three blondes applying for a job as a Texas highway patrol. What it means to cool your heels, and the meaning of a double negative.

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Today Ron talks about a woman who wants to join her dead husband. A man in a restaurant who orders something called woop, and how a man lost his wife playing poker.

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In Today's podcast Ron talks about a man who thinks he is the man of the house. We also learn what to say in English even though you might not understand what is being told to you. We have three boys share stories about how their dads smoke.

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