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Today Ron talks about his new years resolutions, tips for improving English for the New Years, and a few jokes about

the end of the year.

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Today Ron tells us a few xmas riddles, some santa jokes, and 15 ways to confuse santa on xmas.

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Today Ron shares a beautiful poem with us. We discuss how to get discounts from a dentist. A hydra walks into a bar, and wife this an can't see his wife for a few days.

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Today Ron talks about a clothing sale that is too good to be true. We learn how to speak blonde to a woman on a flight to Athens, and we learn how to speak to woman without getting into trouble.

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In today's episode evil Bob has escaped from the basement and has locked our usual host Ron in a cage in the basement. Bob talks about a wanted ad in the paper, how people are born, and why not to drive angry.

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In Today's episode Ron talks about a woman delivering a baby, the difference in pronounciating porch and porche, and why some milk is called spoiled milk.

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Today Ron talks about a blonde who has car trouble. A man who has no balls to scratch, and finding snails on the beach for a dinner party.

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Todays our podcast returns with our own intro song. We talk about walking on water, an alcohol that gives you the cleanest alcohol ever along with a strange side effect, and a story about booze and worms.

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Today Ron talks about how two old woman smoke cigarettes in the rain. How to sleep in a room at night with a snoring soldier. We end off the podcast on what it feels like to be a women.

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Today Ron talks about how video games help you learn English. We share a story about a pig with a three medals and a wooden leg. A competition of luxury between a mini and a rolls royce. Finally we talk about what it is to really feel like a woman.

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